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Two Years Before the Paddlewheel

Co-edited with Professor Wayne Wolf, Two Years Before the Paddlewheel is the edited diary of Chicago millionaire Charles F. Gunther. At the start of the Civil War Charles F. Gunther is a Yankee ice peddlar who is trapped in the South at the outbreak of the war. Presented here are two years of diaries of Gunther's experiences working on the steamboat Rose Douglas, ferrying Confederate troops and supplies. After the war, Gunther makes a fortune in the candy business across the street from Marshal Field's in Chicago, becomes a premier collector and preserver of Civil War artifacts and Lincoln memorabilia, endows the Chicago history Museum with its Civil War collection, and goes on to hold political office as an alderman and City Treasurer of Chicago. In Two Years Before the Paddlewheel, readers can follow the day-by-day survival of an ordinary ice merchant turned Confederate steamboat purser during the Civil War. Gunther's day-by-day account as a civilian in military service illuminates the economic, military, social, and personal side of America's Civil War.

Kentuckians in Gray

Co-edited with Professor Larry Hewitt, Kentuckians in Gray contains biographical articles on every Kentucky-born or Kentucky-serving Confederate general. The essays on each general are written by some of the top scholars in the field, among them Charles Roland, Art Bergeron and Nathaniel C. Hughes. An appendix gives a short biography of every field officer of a Kentucky Confederate unit. One review finds it "An enthralling read". Published by the University Press of Kentucky.

Confederate Colonels: A Biographical Register

Few books can claim to be the definitive work on a subject. Confederate Colonels. A Biographical Register is one of those books, already praised as a "must-read" "Highly recommended" for scholars, genealogists, and history buffs alike. According to historian Jeffrey Wert, "It is a work of prodigious research and is recommended without reservation." The introduction contains ground-breaking analysis of the Confederate officer corps, explaining WHY the Confederate army did better in Virginia than elsewhere. Published by University of Missouri Press.

Confederate Generals in the Western Theater

In this collection of essays on Confederate Generals in the Western Theater (vol. 3), Bruce Allardice examines General Stephen D. Lee's conduct at the Battle of Ezra Church. Published by University of Tennessee Press.

Louisianans in the Civil War

In this collection of essays on Louisianans in the Civil War, Bruce Allardice contributes a ground-breaking essay on Louisiana's Jewish Confederates. Published by University of Missouri Press.

Texas Burial Sites of Civil War Notables

Co-authored with Jim Mundie, John Luckey and Dean Letzring, Texas Burial Sites is a guided, illustrated tour of the 640 most prominent Civil War figures buried in Texas. Soldiers and civilians, Union and Confederate, are included, with a brief biography, photos and directions to their gravesites.

Published by Hill College Press, the book can be ordered via Jim Mundie Books.

More Generals in Gray

While Ezra Warner's book Generals in Gray has long (and justly) been considered a classic, More Generals in Gray is its worthy supplement. Learn about the Confederate generals that history largely ignored. A selection of the History Book of the Month Club. Published by LSU Press.


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