Bruce Allardice Modified: May 1, 2015

Additions to "Confederate Colonels" and "More Generals in Gray"

Since "Confederate Colonels" and "More Generals in Gray" were first published, new research resources and new information have become available. The author has put together a list of such additions, corrections, etc. below:

Abert died Columbus, MS
Anderson, Charles Dewitt--new photo. Contact author.
Anderson, T.S. officer in 3rd (?) Texas State Troops
Andrews b. 10-6-1838
Armisted, C.G. buried Asylum Cemetery, Jackson
Ashcraft died late 1865
Ashford, John married Elizabeth Faison
Bane--One source says born Aug. 11, 1834 Giles County
Bankhead--new photo. Contact author.
Barry (MO) captain 11-10-62. Colonel 3-12-65
Beattie, G. M. Middle name Miller, b. 1806
Bell, S.S. born 1-29-1834
Blandings attd U of SC?
Booker buried Westview Cemetery, Farmville
Bosworth buried Metairie Cemetery, NO
Bradford, C.M. buried Girod St. Cemetery, NO
Bradford, W.M. middle name McDermott
Breedlove b. 4-23-1818, d. 10-18-1882, buried Kanapaha Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Gainesville
Brown, Ben J. born 1807
Burks attd McKenzie College, Texas
Butt--born Oct. 20, 1830
Carter, John C.--died Dec. 5, 1880, Montgomery County. Buried Carter Family Cemetery.
Carter, N.W. Buried Mapleview Cemetery, Smyrna, TN
Cawthon b. 1809. Middle initial H
Chalmers, A.H. middle name Henderson
Chase, W. H.--reburied in St. Francisvile, LA
Cheek middle name Hayes. Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Henderson
Clark, B. W. died 1-19-1885 West Baton Rouge Parish
Clark, Henry married 2nd Josephine White
Clark, J. W.--died Nov. 24, 1898
Clarke, J. G prewar Leakesville NC. Mn Joshua Graham, born 3-13-1832 Philadelphia, s/o Henry Clarke
Clarke, J.O. married 1st Sarah Brown
Cobb buried Masonic Cemetery, Culpeper
Cocke--born April 6, 1833
Collins, Joseph--middle name Patrick. Buried Army of Tennessee tomb, crypt 4
Colquitt reinterred Little Rock National Cemetery
Cook, E.C. middle name Collingsworth
Corns delete references to Heidelberg and Dry Tortugas
Cox, John T.--new photo. Contact author.
Coward very unpopular with his men, for being too strict
Creasman died Leicester, Buncombe County
Cumby asst chief commissary, not chief of staff. Middle name Henry. Married Nancy L. Zollicoffer
Cumming middle name Bonaparte. Lt., Jackson artillery, 2-9-61
Cunningham, C.J.L born Harris County, GA
Curtis--born Gwinnett County, GA
Daly middle name Neblett. Parents names gotten.
Debray--son of Nicolas and Catherine (Benezech) Blanchard
DeRussy born NYC. Died at his Grand Encore home.
DeSaussure buried McClelland Cemetery, Adams Co., Pa; Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond; Columbia, SC
Dickey--died 1873, buried Long Cane Church, Troup Co., GA
Dills--middle name Kirkpatrick
Dobbins--may have lived in Argentina in 1878. See Chicago Tribune, Jan. 13, 1881
Dodson, E. captain of cavalry 6-13-61
Donnell born 7-17-1828 Wilson County. Middle name McMurry
Drake, Jas. H. married Sarah Rosenberger
Drake, Joseph married Martha Burton
Draughan b. 1821, d. 1874
Duff, James delete middle initial. Born May 9, 1827, Logierait. Buried Highgate Cemetry, London. Cenotaph in Dundee, Scotland.
Duff, Wm. L. Middle name Lamartine? Md 1st Almedia Talbot; 2nd Julia Keese
Earle reburied in Spring Hill Cemetery in 1866. Grave marker recently placed there.
Faribault born 6-21-1830
Featherston AR Prosecuting Attorney, 1st District
Fitzgerald, E. buried Richmond (KY) Cemetery
Fitzgerald, W.B. born 3-12-1822
Folsom attd NYU Medical School
Forsberg b. 1831?
Foster, T.J. married 3rd Marietta Longshaw?
French, J.M. married Lillian Ogden. Lived in Cochise Co., AZ in 1910
Fulton, A.S. died Fayetteville, TN. Attd Cincinnati Medical School. Prewar physician.
Galloway married Ann Catherine Walton
Gee, J.M. married 1st Louisa M. Standifer
Gholston--born May 15, 1812
Giles, J. R. R.--md. Mary Jane Jeter
Gill born 10-27-1825. made Colonel 1862, not 1861. Buried Columbus, MS
Gillespie married Alice ____
Gilmore married Emma Fraim
Glenn, D.C. prewar militia officer
Godwin 2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Parker
Goodlett captain Co. K, 6th SC 4-11 to 10-8-61. Pvt Co. K, 2nd SC Cav, 7-1-64
Gould--mn Caulkins, born 1-17-1835.
Graybill sent home ill late in war
Grayson died 1873
Green, W. E. buried Green Family Cemetery, Massingford, Charlotte County
Griffin dropped as captain 4-30-62 at end of 1-year enlistment
Griffith entry change Petral to Petrel
Groner court martialed for swearing
Hagan enlisted 7-30-61
Hagood his troops grumbled about his fast promotion, due to alleged favoritism of his brother
Hale--died June 1876 Uniontown, AL
Hamilton buried Evergreen Cemetery, Morristown
Hart, J.R. married Agnes Hudson. He was from Granville County, NC.
Hawkins, W. S. buried Winchester, TN
Hays, Jordan wife's maiden name was Hinton
Haywood born 3-31-1831
Hedgepeth born 12-20-1820
Henderson, C.C. captain, mustered in 9-13-61
Henry, Samuel incompetent, but not a coward
Hodge born 10-31-1824 Maury County, TN
Hodges, J. G. probably buried on battlefield
Hoffman unmarried
Hoke, W. J.--new photo. Contact author.
Holloway b. 1821, mn. Ballard
Hughes, A. A.--first wife Sarah Beaucham(p). Image at
Hughes, J. M.--died Nov. 4, 1898 Eagleville, TN
Hunt, A. married Martha A. Thomas. Teacher in AL prewar
Hunt, J.P. attd Furman University
Hunter, W. lived postwar in Fannin County, GA. Alive there in 1903.
Inge 1st Lt. and adjutant, 12th MS, 11-16-61
Jeffers raised Mason County, VA
Johnson, A.W. resigned due to pressure from Hindman, who found AWJ absent and indifferent. Prewar filibusterer with Lopez, Walker. Attd Western Military Institute.
Jones, A. C. buried Chinkiang, China. Died in Shanghai on his way home from Chinkiang
Jones, A. W. middle name Walker, born 1833, died 1913
Jones, D. W. 1st Lt., Hempstead Rifles, 1-4-61
Jones, G. H. Augusta hotel keeper postwar. Died 2-15-74 Warren County, GA
Jones, Theophilus married Alice Lake
Judge married Susan Graves
Keeble attd U. of Nashville
King, J.H. buried Mosely Cemetery, beside his mother
Kessler--born 12-19-1831, died June 1905 Dublin, Ga
Kizer middle name Neal
Lawrence born 9-22-1825
Lay, B.D. married 1st Pauline Ann Hinton
Layton Insurance agent
Lea promoted Lt Col. 2-2-63
Lee, G. W.--new photo. Contact author.
Loomis died Wetumpka, probably Dec. 4
Lowry, W.L. married Sallie Flowers
Lythgoe never captain. Promoted Lt. 12-19-61
Maclay--cenotaph in Cottonwood Cemetery, Pointe Coupee Parish
Marshall, J. W. middle name West, 1813-1889
Martin, Will T. In Appdx 1 I followed Warner in calling him a colonel, but he was only Lt. Col.
Matlock graduated from Memphis Medical College. Md. 1858 Mary Ann Stuart
Mauldin b. 1828, d. 1919
Mayo, Joseph postwar embezzlement charge, went insane
McAnerney change cemetery name to Holy Name Cemetery
McBlair buried in Baltimore
McDonald, E. born 11-25-1834. His battalion transferred to CSA 1-28-62. Dropped 9-10-62
McDowell, John A. middle name Alexander
McGehee--died Sept. 1871 Monroe County, AR
McGuirk died Holly Springs 11-13-70 age 39y 1m 18d. Prewar officer, vol. militia
McKinney, R. M. middle name Martin
McLin--Attd Washington College in TN
McNeill, H. C. died 11-30-1876 Columbus, TX
Messick died Feb. 4, 1885 in Brooklyn, buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Miller, C. C.--first names Charles Christopher, died 1887 NYC, buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Moody, D.N. lived in New Haven CT
Morton born 9-9-1833
Moss, A. A. born 8-13-1819
Moss, J. buried 2nd Hickman County
Muldrow prewar militia officer
Murray, J.E. born 2-13-1843
Neely--died the week of 11-9/16, 1894 at Bolivar
Nelson, Noel born 2-20-1833
Norris, W. H. buried Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore
O Neill died 10-29-84 El Paso, TX
Patterson died 11-22-1911 Nashville. Buried Smyrna, TN
Patton, W.S. middle name Samuel
Perkins married Mary E. Daugherty
Phifer, Charles W. (from MGIG)--new photo. Contact author.
Pickett, A. Major c. 11-10-62
Pickett, E. prewar militia officer
Pinson add state service as private, then adjutant, Co. K.
Player buried Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery, Thomas County
Porter, Joseph buried near Jacksonport, AR
Powell, R.M. middle name Micajah
Powers died circa March 1889, probably near Biloxi, MS. Married 2nd Susan Valleau Farris
Pyles elected state comptroller in Nov. 1865, but didn t serve due to illness
Ready--Attd Union College in TN
Reagan--born 1-4-1812
Reeves captain of scout company, early 1862.Major of battalion, early 64
Reichard middle names Albert Maurice
Rhett, A.M. attd U of SC?
Robins expanded, from Head book
Robinson, Frank S. last name sometimes Robertson
Robinson, W.G. born 11-16-1835
Rogan married Alice Holloway in 1871
Rosser his Confederate Battalion organized 3-3-62
Russell, D. parents names gotten
Russell, R.M. Lt. Col. 15th 9-22-62
Russell, S. D. died Grand Encore
Sanford, J.W.A. private Co. F, 3rd AL, early in war
Saunders, J.P. born 1827, died 1911
Scaife died 11-11-1887 Trenton, AR
Schaller--photo in Schaller book
Scott, J.S. arrested Oct. 62 for disobeying orders
Settle buried Green Hill Cemetery
Shanks died Nov. 10, 1870, Laramie, buried Greenhill Cemetery, Laramie, Wyo.
Shober born 3-24-1829. Attd Moravian College
Sims, Richard b. 1818
Slayback recruited battalion. Raised to a regt. Feb. 65
Snyder born Peter Schneider, 11-14-1830 Limbach, Bavaria
Spaight Date of death 12-23, not 12-11
Statham--attd. Dartmouth College
Stevens, J.G. married Eliz. B. Gooding
Stewart, R. A.--Richard Atlantic Stewart was born 9-10-1805 VA, died Feb. 1880 Orange Lake, FL
Stone, W. M. lots. Married Mary Eliza Wilson. Called ass no. 1 by men of the JDL
Strawbridge post commander in Madison, GA. Judge in Yreka, CA in 1852
Strong married Margaret ___. Prewar vol. militia officer
Sulakowski born Lemberg. In US army
Sweet buried Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Symons add service with Chatham Siege Artillery, 2-24-62 to 5-7-62
Talbott, Sanford J.--James Sanford Talbott, died Sept. 28, 1884
Taylor, J. R. unmarried
Taylor, W. H.--born June 16, 1816 Leesburg, VA. Died Oct. 1897 Jackson, MS.
Thomas, C.B. Attd Indiana U., not Illinois
Thompson, A.P. Commonwealth Attorney for 1st CD
Thompson. L. replaced 12-3-63 at reorganization
Timmons died La Grange, TX
Tochman b. 1-6-1799. Photo in Schaller book, from South Caroliniana Library
Trabue--graduated U. of Louisville law school in 1847
Tracy, J.C. lots. Born Circa 1825 Clark County, KY. Died 8-18-1884 Halifax County, VA. Buried on his farm near Whitlock, Va. Married Mary Alley (Brandon). Move from Appdx to main Cols. section.
Trader born 1834
Tucker, J. G. born 1-25-1834 (or 1-28-1832) as Julius Gabriel Tachau. Buried Jewish Cemetery, Bahrenfeld, Alton, Hamburg
Turnbull b. 1-16-1831 Brunswick County, VA
Vason attd U of GA
Wade, B. alive in Winona, MS in 1872. Served in 2nd NC Cav
Wade, W. B. court martialed Dec. 1861 for being AWOL
Watkins--died March 19, 1883 Dyersburg
Watson, J.R. married Clementine Connally. Born March 30, 1826, GA. Buried Courtland Cemetry, Cass Co., TX
Watts died Vicksburg
Wells, J.W. Attd U. of Louisville Medical School
White, J. D. buried Masonic Cemetery, Ironton
White, W. W., died Feb. 1880 Raleigh, NC
Whitfield, F. E.--new photo. Contact author.
Wickliffe born 5-6-1819. Reburied in family cemetery in Bardstown
Wilkinson early service. WIA and POW Murfreesboro. Married Mary. A.V. Spaulding. Buried near the battlefield. Middle name Campbell, b. 7-25-1826
Williams, C. j.--graduated from Oglethorpe College
Williams, D. recruited battalion, raised to regt after Price s raid
Williams, Sol. born July 18, 1835
Williamson, J. A.--born March 18, 1829
Williamson, R. New Date of death, Place of Death.
Wilson, A.N. born 1-24-1836 McNairy County. Have image.
Wilson, Laurie died 1867
Wood, J.G.W. middle names George Warren
Woodward. T.--attd Yale U. Middle name, Date of birth gotten
Yell---buried Mansfield, LA
Young, Andrew middle name, Date of birth gotten
Young, O. attd Amherst College. Lawyer.

Add to Appdx 3 Elijah Arris Cox (1834-1911), 2nd MS Cav Reserves. Samuel Messer Ralston (1825-77), GA Reserves
Add to Appdx 2 Houston King, Bradford, Johns, J.R. Love, J. T. Whitfield, John Archibald Jones, Pannil, James H. McCaleb